My Little Girl

Let me tell you a story about my little girl:

Well let us start with what brought us to this point. One night when Kelli and I, her father, where driving home from an appointment a drunk driver made a left turn in front of us and Kelli didn’t survive the accident.

Sounds sad? Well in some ways it is, but in the most important way it really isn’t!

Kelli wanted to be with Jesus in heaven and that is exactly where she is now with her self-professed most important person in her life Jesus her Savior. In addition she wanted her Daddy to be there with her…Jesus heard that prayer, and answered it! Matthew 7:7

One day about two months or so before the accident, when we were driving home from school, right out of the blue she said to me; Daddy Jesus is the most important person in my life! Well that didn’t make much sense to her, at the time I was an unsaved father. So I asked her if she loved her Mother and Father and the rest of the family.  She said, “Of course daddy I love all my family very much!” But it was clear that Jesus was first. When we would put up the nativity Jesus at Christmas time, Kelli would always grab the baby Jesus and carry it around.

The Sunday before the accident, Kelli came into my brother’s living room and asked me to go to church with her, regrettably I told her no. When she was riding to church with my sister in law Rose, who introduced her to Christ, she told Rose that she was worried about her dad not loving Jesus like she did!

That fact that she was worried about my eternal salvation is something that I will live with till I get home.  I know that she is aware of the change that took place with her dad and that we will have a great reunion in a place beautiful beyond our ability to fathom…   1 Corinthians 2:9

That strange feeling you have right now is the Holy Spirit knocking at your heart. If you will open your heart and invite Jesus to be your Lord and Savior, I am here to tell you that it will be the best decision that you have ever made. He will quench that thirst for meaning, and direction…  John 6:35

Your eternal destiny hangs in the balance!… John 3:16

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Grace and Peace to you from God the Father, and the Lord Jesus the Christ!

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Quotes of James Clerk Maxwell…


“Strict materialist believes that everything depends on the motion of matter. He knows the form of the laws of motion though he does not know all their consequences when applied to systems of unknown complexity. Now one thing in which the materialist (fortified with dynamical knowledge) believes is that if every motion great & small were accurately reversed, and the world left to itself again, everything would happen backwards the fresh water would collect out of the sea and run up the rivers and finally fly up to the clouds in drops which would extract heat from the air and evaporate and afterwards in condensing would shoot out rays of light to the sun and so on. Of course all living things would regrede from the grave to the cradle and we should have a memory of the future but not of the past. The reason why we do not expect anything of this kind to take place at any time is our experience of irreversible processes, all of one kind, and this leads to the doctrine of a beginning & an end instead of cyclical progression for ever.”        

“I think men of science as well as other men need to learn from Christ, and I think Christians whose minds are scientific are bound to study science that their view of the glory of God may be as extensive as their being is capable of.” 

“Mathematicians may flatter themselves that they possess new ideas which mere human language is as yet unable to express. Let them make the effort to express these ideas in appropriate words without the aid of symbols, and if they succeed they will not only lay us laymen under a lasting obligation, but, we venture to say, they will find themselves very much enlightened during the process, and will even be doubtful whether the ideas as expressed in symbols had ever quite found their way out of the equations into their minds.”